Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Xiantian Cube

depiction of xiang

Abstract: Investigating ways to derive the 4th-order cube from the ashtapada informed by notions of  xiang and complementarity.

At the center of the diagram following is an 8X8 field with colored bands.  This field of action (Sanskrit: kurukshetra) is also known as ashtapada.  The bands represent the xiang; alternatively, the oracular probabilities representing them when expressed as fractions of 64.  

Surrounding that field are four 4 X 4 sections.  These are intended to represent xiang.  They are presented with the intention of providing a static internal view of the assembled cube.  

The xiang sit on a 2 X 2 grid with axis labels in white.  The labels serve to explain the depiction of the xiang relative to the 2 X 2 grid and 8 X 8 field.

CREATIVE indicates YANG, while STRUCTIVE indicates YIN.
STATIC & DYNAMIC are related to the notion of action or change, and the background against which it must be observed.

also: 'event vs. environment,' 'figure vs. ground,' or 'text vs. context,' even 'nature vs. nurture.'

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