Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tree of Life: Nested Octahedron

The model (left) employs the mythos of the Tree of Life. In the model, Mankind and its home planet locate within the octahedral space at the center of the star tetrahedron.

YIN & YANG: the Two First Powers at the poles of the Universal Axis.

4 Symbols (xiang): at the corners of the rectangle, symbolize  seasonality & temporality.

8 trigrams 
(ba gua): arranged on the star tetrahedron, symbolizing primal forces of Nature.

Hou Tian (familial) arrangement of the Ba Gua
Father                    Mother  
Heaven                   Earth
Sons                       Daughters
1.      Thunder        1.     Wind
2.      Water            2.     Fire
3.      Mountain       3.     Lake

The Two First Powers, YIN and YANG give rise to xiang. Xiang produce the ba gua. Ba gua yield Change; Change enfolds the Universe. This assertion is found in scripture:

Therefore there is in the Changes the Great Primal Beginning. This generates the two primary forces. The two primary forces generate the four images. The four images generate the eight trigrams. The eight trigrams determine good fortune and misfortune. Good fortune and misfortune create the great field of action." (Commentary on I Ching, tr. Wilhelm and Baynes 1967:318-9)