Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fu Xi and King Wen

Fu Xi 's complementary arrangement and King Wen's pairs coincide on the 8 x 8 square

Wen's pairs can be said to fall into two categories: 8 pairs that are complementary, and 24 pairs that are figurate inverses.

The pairs of the first kind are found along both of the major diagonals which reflect across each other.  The pairs of the second kind are found reflected across the vertical axis of the diagram.

The colors indicate the line-composition of the figures: 
Black: 6 YANG 0 YIN
Indigo: 5 YANG 1 YIN
Blue: 4 YANG 2 YIN
Green: 3 YANG 3 YIN
Yellow: 2 YANG 4 YIN
Orange: 1 YANG 5 YIN
Red: 0 YANG 6 YIN

Fu Xi's arrangement, Wen's pairs, and the 8 x 8 square

This diagram shows the affinity between Wen's pairing and Fu Xi's arrangement of complementary opposites on the 8 x 8 square.