Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eight Partition Place - Sun Cross

hand-wrought copper wire

At left is the most-recent in a series of wire-frame models depiciting the 8-Partition Place.  The outermost circumference approximates that of a penny.  Eight Partition place was purportedly known to the Mayan priesthood (need cross-reference).  

Copper John peddles his wares outside 5 Spot (summer '10)
This one took several hours to complete.  It began as a scrap length of copper wire that spoke to me as it lay on the ground.  I pocketed it, giving it scarcely a thought for over a week's time.  Its gauge seemed somewhat heavy to be easily hand-worked at that length.  Memories of the initial effort with wire-hanger are not yet faint enough.

Luckily for me, "Copper John" of L5P had given me excellent instruction on working this handsome and easily-fashioned metal.  He told me he has material on YouTube; look for him.

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